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Produce kinds of Electret Condenser Microphone

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Unidirectional Condenser Microphone

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Cardioid Large Diaphragm microphone

Omnidirectional Electret Condenser Microphone with pre-soldered stub Heart condenser

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E-cigarette microphone

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We have a professional team in the field of microphones, with over 10 years of rich experience in design, manufacturing, and production. Starting from the heart,
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Noise cancelling microphone

Dedicated to aviation earphones, gaming earphones

Live microphone

Live broadcast, large diaphragm microphone for recording studio

There are no good microphones,only suitable ones

Provide customers with comprehensive and personalized products and services to maximize customer value.

Wire customization

Enamelled wire, shielded wire, insulated wire terminal wire, halogen-free PTFE silicone high-temperature resistant wire. 36#、28#、30#、32#

Sensitivity customization

The ability to generate voltage at a unit pressure, Sensitivity is an important indicator parameter of the microphone, The sensitivity required for different products also varies Hotatop customization range: ± 25dB~± 70dB

Frequency customization

The frequency range that the audio system can replay within the allowable amplitude range, And within this scope, The change in signal becomes the frequency response, Also known as frequency characteristic, in dB, Frequency response range of microphone: 20~20kHz

Customized signal-to-noise ratio

The sensitivity of a microphone compared to the noise of the microphone itself under the same conditions, The noise mainly refers to the noise of the FET itself, The signal-to-noise ratio should generally not be lower than 70dB.

Test customization

Different application scenarios of microphones require distinguishing the content to be tested, Hotatop provides a range of testing tools and technologies to meet special needs, High temperature test, salt spray test, low-frequency tensile difference test, curve test, sensitivity test, working current test, waterproof level test, bottom noise test, phase test, signal-to-noise ratio test, tidal heat experiment test.

Material customization

Hotatop provides customization of size, connection method, pin length, solder wire length, solder wire material, core manufacturer, packaging material, and pickup distance.